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Exchange Overwhelm for Peace of Mind

You want what is best for your baby, we will show you how to make this happen easily and joyfully for you and your family.

You will gain the right support for the most important job of your life

You will know how to build your support nest.  We will make sure you're ready for the stork to land!

No Instruction Manual? No problem! - Become Your Newborn's Baby Whisperer

You will have the confidence and competence to tackle & excel in the biggest challenge of your life.

Can't speak baby talk? Understand Your Baby's Signals

So you can tune into each other and create your best life, together.

Timing is Critical

You will recognize vital windows of opportunity that create the foundation for the rest of your lives together.

Who says it needs to be hard? The Health & Joy Meter

You're supposed to thrive along with your baby.

Trust Your Intuition

Develop your intuition, as you allow Nature and Nurture to work for your benefit.

About Development - It isn't a checklist, it's a journey!

Address important areas of development:  healthy movement, interaction, early learning and feeding.
Know what to do and when.
Know how to advocate for your child.


What I bring to you: Over two decades of clinical expertise in pediatric Occupational Therapy at Miami Children’s Hospital, including coordination of Early Intervention Services for newborns and pre-term infants.  Occupational Therapy is the science that allows people to do meaningful activities in their daily lives, such as self care, interaction and learning.

Expertise you can trust:  I hold certifications in pediatric neuro development ( which qualifies me as an expert to facilitate healthy movement) and sensory integration ( which involves appropriate regulation of the nervous system), so we humans can function optimally in our world.

How I benefit you & yours:  I can teach you how to regulate a baby's stress level (maybe yours as well :),  nurture interaction, enrich early learning,  enhance feeding and healthy motor development.

What this means to you: My superpower is teaching parents the skills and confidence to become their own newborn’s baby whisperer.

What some of our clients say...

Kiara & JC

My baby hated tummy time, and fell behind on his motor skills.  After implementing changes Irene guided us through, he started crawling and enjoyed getting all caught up with his milestones.

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Ani & Val

The bedtime routine Irene suggested really helped get my baby and me on track to catch our zzz's

Stacie & Mike

I was so glad Irene helped me realize my baby was developing a preference to look only to one side.  The techniques she helped us implement early on made sure he got to interact with his whole world!

We also avoided more invasive and expensive intervention.

Gain the most benefit from the moments you spend with your newborn



You and your infant deserve to thrive,
as you build the foundation for the rest of your lives.

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