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3 Essential Ways to connect with Your Newborn Baby

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What I bring to you: Over two decades of clinical expertise in pediatric Occupational Therapy at the local Children’s Hospital in Miami, including the development of Early Intervention Services for newborns and pre-term infants.  Occupational Therapy is the science that empowers people to do meaningful activities in their daily lives, such as self care, interaction and learning.

Expertise you can trust:  I hold certifications in pediatric neuro development (which qualifies me as an expert to facilitate healthy movement) and sensory integration (which involves appropriate regulation of the nervous system), so we humans can function optimally in our world.

How I benefit you & yours:  I can teach you how to regulate a baby's stress level (maybe yours as well :),  nurture interaction, enrich early learning,  enhance feeding and healthy motor development.

What this means to you: My superpower is teaching parents the skills and confidence to become their own newborn’s baby whisperer.  You will gain the most benefit from the moments that will shape the rest of your lives.

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